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  :Leopards Chess, Leopards Chess Misre, Leopards DmA, Leopards DmA Misre, Shared Piece Shogi, Chessball, Wa Shogi 11x11, Silver Promotion Shogi, Promotion First Shogi, 5x8 Shogi, Cougars Chess, Cougars DmA, Cougars DmA Misre, Cougars Misre Chess, 5x7 Shogi, Wa Shogi variants (with mnemonic set of pieces), 10x10 Heisei Shogi, 10x10 Heisei Shogi Variant, Cheetahs Chess, Cheetahs Chess Misre, Cheetahs DmA, Cheetahs DmA Misre

Here are 2861 free add-on games for Zillions.
Most of these have been created by Zillions users who submitted their work to be shared and enjoyed by all.
You can:
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You will need Zillions to run these games, which you can get at the Zillions Store. Also see the installation instructions.

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Here's an alternative 'old style' game index, showing all games alphabetically and grouped in three columns: solitaire, checkmate and other games.

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